The Black Book Depot
Purveyors of quality speech AND debate gear!
In April of 2012, InterpWorks Corporation,  a Floridabased company, completed the acquisition of Waco, Texas, based The Black Book Depot, the nation's leading supplier of quality oral interpretation supplies for high school and college speech and debate teams.

"Over the past six years, it has been a pleasure to run the Black Book Depot and to be a part of the Forensics community," said Jose Magana-Salgado, former owner of The Black Book Depot. "It is with respect and admiration that I hand the reigns of the Black Book Depot to Tom Adamson. I have the utmost confidence that Mr. Adamson will continue the Black Book Depot's legacy of offering quality black books and page slicks at affordable prices. Mr. Adamson has a long history of service and commitment to the Forensics community, and I have no doubt that he will ensure that the Black Book Depot consistently meets the needs of students, coaches and programs across the nation."

Located in Normal, Illinois - The Back Book Depot has been slowly adding essential new products for sale. And with the financial stability of InterpWorks Corporation, The Black Book Depot now buys merchandise in larger quantities, insuring that prices continue to remain low. Chief Operating Officer, Meg Koch, and other volunteers, work diligently to fill the orders in an expedient fashion.

"The biggest change," commented Adamson, "is that all proceeds, minus the operating expenses, are given back to fund forensic activities. I am not engaged in this business to profit personally, but rather, I want to give back to the activity that has left such an indelible impression on my life; it is my way of saying 'thanks' to all of the coaches, mentors, students, administrators and friends that continue to make a difference. These are challenging financial times for many speech and debate programs. I encourage you all to think of ways that you can give back to the programs that you represent so that together, we can ensure that Forensics remains healthy and competitive for years to come."